Much more than enamelling!

Nuove Smalterie Castellane is not only an industrial enamelling company: it also offers a comprehensive 360° service starting with Buyer’s Support and ending with the storage and delivery of finished products based on each customer’s needs.


Our Services for You

Sales Advice

Thanks to a partnership with a leading multinational enamel manufacturer, Nuove Smalterie Castellane provides expert advice at the purchasing stage, helping to define the objectives, methods and production processes which best suit each customer’s requirements, as well as developing brand-new solutions.


Silkscreen Printing

An additional service provided by Nuove Smalterie Castellane is the silkscreen printing of customer’s brand names, writing and symbols. The ink we use has physical and chemical properties which are similar to those of enamel, so that it becomes one with the final product and remains protected over its entire life.


Real-time Order Management

We provide immediate feedback to each customer on the status of their orders and indicate exact delivery terms thanks to our MES (Manufacturing Execution System). We will shortly enable customers to access the system directly, in order to monitor the progress of their orders independently.



We have a dedicated warehouse for the storage of finished products on customer account.



The collection of finished products can be managed by the customer or organised by our facility on demand.


Do you need consultancy on your enamelling project?