Why us?

We are enamelling specialists on third-party account only

Leveraging 50 years of experience in enamelling metal surfaces exclusively on customer account, as well as fully equipped systems for a wide range of enamelling processes, both liquid and powder, Nuove Smalterie Castellane is your ideal partner.

The enamels we use, thanks to an important partnership with a multinational enamel manufacturer, are ranked as A+++ and classified ETC (Easy to Clean).

In collaboration with our enamel brand partner, we supply a comprehensive Buyer’s Support service and provide full documentation about on the chemical composition of our enamels.

Nuove Smalterie Castellane operates 16 hours a day, 6:00AM to 10:00PM and guarantees just-in-time delivery. Our warehouse is at our customers’ disposal for the storage of their finished products before they are collected by the carrier so that transport downtime is minimised. (Time to market).


Dedicated, 100% third-party account service
Buyer’s Support + Research and Development in collaboration with our trusted enamel brands
Storage of finished products on customer account
20,000 output pieces per day with flexible management of orders
Ultra-fast deliveries in line with Lean Manufacturing principles
All types of enamelling
All RAL colours available

What we do

Enamelling is an industrial process which provides a surface with an enamel coating (based on borosilicate). This coating has protective, water-repellent, anti-abrasion, and hygienic properties.

Enamelling may be applied to the most diversified range of products, among others for coating the internal components of household appliances such as built-in ovens or free-standing kitchens (M.O.C.A. certified).
Metal enamelling is particularly recommended for outdoor environments as it resists to atmospheric agents (particularly salt) and proves the lowest possible bacterial proliferation.

Enamelling is different from painting as it fuses with the metal and changes its chemical and physical properties. In other words, enamelling produces a brand-new workpiece which benefits from both the properties of the original metal (solidity and non-deformability), as well as the properties of the enamel (hygiene, resistance to oxidation, high temperatures and abrasion).
The ideal support for enamelling is a decarburised metal sheet (EK for traditional enamelling, ED for direct enamelling) (i.e. a metal sheet with low carbon content).

Lean production

As supporters of the lean manufacturing methodology and therefore of the reduction of waste in terms of time, we guarantee ultra-fast delivery as well as real-time feedback to the customer through our recently adopted Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Do you need consultancy on your enamelling project?